Ashley Lyles

Agent / Front Desk

After years of traveling for work and working abroad, I decided to return to my roots here in Florida to live closer to family. While I’ve been to many countries, had many amazing experiences, and seen a lot of wonderful places, its true what they say… There is no place like home.

I’ve spent the past three years in the financial services business and gained a wealth of knowledge around all aspects of retirement. One thing that’s always intrigued me is the importance of being prepared for unexpected medical events through having the proper insurance coverage. I’ve seen firsthand just how widely misunderstood and understated this part of retirement can be. About 5 years ago, I was compelled with the responsibility of caring for my uncle when he was diagnosed with cancer. After his treatment, nursing facility care, and eventual passing, I was greatly affected by this experience because I realized how unprepared he was for this journey, to say the least. Shortly afterwards, my mom’s autoimmune issues became severe and again, she found herself unprepared for all she’s currently enduring. To this day, I still feel that if we had the proper guidance before these issues became realities, we might have been in a better position to deal with them.

Since then, it has been my mission to inform and educate people of the possibilities and ways they can mitigate risks when unexpected medical issues arise. I believe that no one should ever have to face health issues alone and without proper insurance coverage. My goal here at Viera Insurance Professionals is to treat all clients as though they were my uncle or mother. I’m excited to work with Mike and Chris Kowalchuk because I know we share the same values. They treat all their clients as family and help them find the best health insurance plan for their personal circumstances by providing all the options available. This type of dedicated care is what truly helps make the difference when faced with life’s many surprises.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, crocheting, running, cooking, spending time with my husband, and playing with our dogs, Levi and Lori.

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